Travelling to Austria

Sometimes you come to know abour the immensity and the vastness of our unlimited sky only when in front of something of equal standing and superiority like the mountain tops.

In front of them I feel so small, and great at the same time for seeing such magnificence. I am blessed. I am so thankful for my existence. Thank you.

Cheers, my friend

For the light is not what we search so desperately for, but is the brilliance that surrounds us even when we still are not ready to start our daily journey to the kitchen, work, school, gym and friend’s house.

How difficult it is to return to the first time we met, talked and laughed?

Our hearts will not regret the time we spent together and our life will not be bonded by the limits on a paper. We shall not say goodbye cause our souls have never strayed from the road, mine and yours, which are destined to meet. Let us sing and raise our cups high, and higher again. And, like red-crowned cranes, in our dance, let us thus remember and never ever forget. To next time, my friend.

Farne Islands

Beauty is not what the eye can see, but what your soul tells you it is. Still recalling it from the smell, the sound and sights of a land which can still claim itself as virgin, untamed and primitive as it was before human intervention. My eyes have seen much more than just some birds, seals and wildlife. I have experienced nature again, have enjoyed the sweetness of the sea and have posed my blurry sight on the impossible and forever unchangeable distance between the sky and the sea. For this I thank every person who have made this possible, whoever you are: Thanks.

Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Eider Ducks, Artic Terns, Black Headed Gulls, Gannets, Shags, Herring Gulls. Thank you for your existence. What a bird has may be considered the utlimate form of freedom, but for them it is just the only way they have to survive. Hence human, please, do not deprive a bird of it’s freedom when blinded by greed. You may think that is Love, or pure appreciation, but it is not, it never will. What we have is enough. What we have is enough.

“Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have to remind myself that some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are just too bright, their song too sweet and wild. So…you let them go.”

~ Stephen King

Visiting London I

My hair today was a mess due to not being washed properly because of the freezing water yesterday. I could have showered again in the morning but laziness took the best of me and left me sleeping until it was time eat breakfast. Tea and scones were offered by the house (the landlady is a kind heart) but my Euterpe, that was hell of an experience. Here is why: the teapot was impossible to open. It took me 10 min and a youtube video to be able to drink tea. It was a strange minimalist teapot, a Stelton Emma, it felt like the name of my nemesis.

Later on I went to St. Paul, Tate Modern, visited Old London, saw the EY hq with Picasso coloured columns in the inside and then took the train to Camden Town. The logic of all? There wasn’t. Actually, I just wanted to check if the market was still what I remembered it to be when I visited it almost 5 years ago I think. And yeah, still the same crowded and colourful, and with several stands with delicious street food.

Then it was back again to Oxford Street. I liked in particular Uniqlo, I have never been in its store previously, but their style suits me. Since I was feeling Japanese, dinner was sushi and udon. And my Euterpe, I ate the best sushi and udon I could have ever asked for. It was amazing. I thought I knew what was Japanese cousine, but I was wrong. Taro, really worthy to be remembered.

Later I also went to M&M’S World and Lego Shop, both of them were really impressive, and felt like becoming a child again.

I went home and took a nice shower (this time with warm water), but I had some disappointments in regards of the amount of water because it was really…little? Then I went to my room to read, when I sniffed the smell of weed. It’s not like I dont understand the ways of the world, and I would understand it if I was in Amsterdam, but the source wasn’t even from the outside but from inside of the house and it was reaching my room through the corridor. Now. The room next to mine is the landlady’s daughter’s and downstairs it’s hers. I’m really starting to doubt the quality of this supposed 5 starred Airbnb which has the best room decour but maybe one of the most disappointing experiences on terms of water and…neibourhood?


Coding – Oracle London 2018

This morning was a very tiring morning. I woke up so early that I was half-asleep until 10 min before my train arrived to King’ s Cross where I participated to Oracle Code 2018, which was situated in the Business Design Centre.

Some talks were really interesting and opened up some topics that I have never thought about – I am studying Business and Management btw – and what interested me that most were the talks about Machine Learning, one of which was Machine Learning with Java (has anyone thought about it yet?) which could be a real deal. I am still a beginner Java practitioner, but I will work hard to achieve some real results!

The final talk was a lecture presented by Dr. Sue Black, which was really inspirational. Her life, children at such a young age, divorce and subsequent refugee campus, the bachelor in computing, her Phd, Bletchley park ampaign, her acquaintancy with Stephen Fry, #techmum and all the things that happened to her and that she has made possible, were so amazing. I really cannot imagine myself being able to do it, and I thought, maybe idiotically, that she really made a difference with her life..

Later I went to eat Korean hot pot, which was pretty tasty and also pretty spicy I have to say.

Lastly, to beautifully end such a busy and eventful day I had a giant milk tea called ‘3 brothers’. I was so full after that one. While wolking, I noticed that the shops in Oxford street and some of them, which had fantastically colourful displays, were still open at 9pm and that was really an eye-opener considering that in UK the majority of the shops closes at 6pm.

I booked a room from Airbnb. The host was amazing, she is an artist, very sweet and, if not for the freezing water with whom I had a shower with, I would have sleeped much earlier considering the tiredness I felt.


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!

So excited to be able to write my own blog, special thanks to W, my very first supporter who helped me and made this blog possible.

I’m sure thus will be a wonderful experience. Let it start then!