Coding – Oracle London 2018

This morning was a very tiring morning. I woke up so early that I was half-asleep until 10 min before my train arrived to King’ s Cross where I participated to Oracle Code 2018, which was situated in the Business Design Centre.

Some talks were really interesting and opened up some topics that I have never thought about – I am studying Business and Management btw – and what interested me that most were the talks about Machine Learning, one of which was Machine Learning with Java (has anyone thought about it yet?) which could be a real deal. I am still a beginner Java practitioner, but I will work hard to achieve some real results!

The final talk was a lecture presented by Dr. Sue Black, which was really inspirational. Her life, children at such a young age, divorce and subsequent refugee campus, the bachelor in computing, her Phd, Bletchley park ampaign, her acquaintancy with Stephen Fry, #techmum and all the things that happened to her and that she has made possible, were so amazing. I really cannot imagine myself being able to do it, and I thought, maybe idiotically, that she really made a difference with her life..

Later I went to eat Korean hot pot, which was pretty tasty and also pretty spicy I have to say.

Lastly, to beautifully end such a busy and eventful day I had a giant milk tea called ‘3 brothers’. I was so full after that one. While wolking, I noticed that the shops in Oxford street and some of them, which had fantastically colourful displays, were still open at 9pm and that was really an eye-opener considering that in UK the majority of the shops closes at 6pm.

I booked a room from Airbnb. The host was amazing, she is an artist, very sweet and, if not for the freezing water with whom I had a shower with, I would have sleeped much earlier considering the tiredness I felt.